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Welcome to Charter Home Study Academy!

We offer an outstanding K-8 public school option for families wanting to home school their children and our school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Each family works with a highly qualified teacher to support their studies at home. Parents and students meet with their teacher on a regular basis for resources, assessment, support and discussions of student progress. Teachers and parents work collaboratively to ensure that each student’s academic needs are met. We follow the California State Content Standards and curriculum is provided for all grade levels.

Additionally, students can choose the option of attending classes two days per week in core subject areas with work assigned for completion on the home days. Classes provide an opportunity for students to learn, interact, and collaborate with their peers.

Several family events and fieldtrips are held each year, providing enriching experiences while enhancing our school’s sense of community. If you would like to schedule an individual information appointment, please contact us.


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We are getting ready for our new school year to begin, and are looking forward to seeing all returning students as well as a lot of new students this year.

I know a lot of families are eager to begin (or at least want to know how much time they have left for summer).

School begins August 10th.

We will have a Meet and Greet for our 6-8 students and parents on Wednesday August 10 at 12:15. We will meet in the MP room, have parents fill out any missing paperwork, pick up class schedules, and then go to the classes to meet with the teachers. Students and parents will have the opportunity to go from class to class together. If you have multiple students in these grade levels, we hope that you will be able to split up to get the information for all of the classes. This will also be an opportunity to meet with your supervising teacher. Supervising teachers will not have time for a full meeting, but you will be able to schedule an appointment time with them. Plan on two hours for the meet and greet.

Our TK-5 grade students and parents will meet on Thursday August 11 at 12:15. This will be similar to the 6-8 meeting, but if you have multiples, there will be two opportunities to meet the classroom teacher and go over the class structure. On Wednesday August 10, our TK-5 families can have their own First day back at home by setting up their home school area and organizing materials at home.

Teachers are not available until August 10. Teachers do not return to school until August 9th for a Teacher in-service day and will not be available until August 10. If you need ANYTHING, please contact Brooke or Principal Steve. We are both back to work and in the office. You can reach us at 530-622-6984, through email, or reply to this post.

I-Ready - Returning students can continue with I-ready until August 5. At that time we will roll over for the school year. I know some were struggling to get into I-ready this week. I spoke with IT and the is where the ICON is

  • Log in to google with your school email
  • go to the waffle and click on the ICON for DRIVE
  • When you're in DRIVE, go to the waffle and scroll down to the I-READY ICON
  • That should get you in. (yeah it doesn't make sense to me either).
New Families: We are so excited to have you with us this year. If you are feeling nervous or have any concerns or needs, please reach out. I'm available to meet with families, help you with curriculum, or just walk through the school with the kids. We are here to support. You don't need to buy anything special or create the perfect home schooling environment. The best thing to be is a loving parent that wants to join their kids on this education journey. We are here to support you and help you thrive on that journey.

See You Soon
Principal Steve

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