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Welcome to Charter Home Study Academy!

We offer an outstanding K-8 public school option for families wanting to home school their children and our school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  Each family works with a highly qualified teacher to support their studies at home.  Parents and students meet with their teacher on a regular basis for resources, assessment, support and discussions of student progress.  Teachers and parents work collaboratively to ensure that each student’s academic needs are met.  We follow the California State Content Standards and curriculum is provided for all grade levels.

Additionally, students can choose the option of attending classes two days per week in core subject areas with work assigned for completion on the home days.  Classes provide an opportunity for students to learn, interact, and collaborate with their peers.

Several family events and fieldtrips are held each year, providing enriching experiences while enhancing our school’s sense of community.  If you would like to schedule an individual information appointment, please contact us.

Updated Guidelines For Two Day a Week Classes

It is so great to have the students back two days a week.  However, having more students on campus does pose some new challenges.  There are new guidelines in place for schools including updated mask information, room usage, and parent meetings.

All students and Parents (and preschool age children) must be wearing masks on campus.  

Often it is difficult to maintain six feet distance when in our outdoor areas, so it is important to have a mask with you even if you are outside. Traditionally we have younger students picked up and dropped off at the classroom door, and we do want to continue with this procedure. We always have masks available right at the entrance to the CHSA office.


As a reminder, masks that are beaded need to have a second layer underneath to keep droplets from escaping. Attached is the latest information on "Your Guide to Masks”.


New Check-in procedures on campus

If you enter the building for a meeting, to check out a book, or to drop off materials, You Must sign in at the blue counter.  If you are meeting with a teacher in one of the classrooms, please sign-in in the classroom with the teacher.  The purpose of this is so we can contact anyone who was in the building if there happens to be a positive case of Covid 19.  Students will not be required to sign in if they are here for classes. However, if they are here outside their regular schedule, they will sign in. 


Parent Meetings on Campus

Parents meetings are still allowed on campus with check in and mask protocols being followed.  However, we encourage remote or online caseload meetings as often as possible.  The goal is to keep the classrooms safe and clean so we do not have to interrupt our class schedule.


Middle School Think Tank  - Goal is to start February 3.

We were originally hoping to start academic support January  27.  We still need to do some configuration of rooms and schedules to support guidelines.  Because of this we will now look to start support on February 3.  More details to follow.


Once again we know this is a challenging time for most families. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Principal Steve


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