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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get started?

The process is easy. First, we have an informational meeting to discuss how our program functions and the responsibilities of the students, parents, and teachers. Once the enrollment paperwork is complete, we will assess your student in order to give them the best educational plan for success. A teacher will be assigned to contact you to set up your first meeting

What forms do I need to enroll in Charter Home Study Academy?

In order to enroll, families will need to provide the student’s birth certificate, current immunization records, and a most recent report card, if available. If the student is being referred to our program from another school, please provide that information as well. 

Is this a Public School and who may attend?

Charter Home Study Academy is part of Charter Alternative Programs, a public Charter School granted by the El Dorado County Office of Education. There are no fees to attend. Students living in El Dorado County and adjoining counties may attend. Our teachers have significant experience working with a wide variety of students and extensive experience working under an Independent Study model. Our Charter was one of the first five Charters to be granted in California in 1993 and has operated with Independent Study and Homeschool families since our inception.

What is your Mission?

All of our programs are guided by our Mission. Essentially, we offer an outstanding K-8 public school option for families wanting to homeschool their children.  Our school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  Each family works with a highly qualified teacher to support their studies at home.  Parents and students meet with their teacher on a regular basis for resources, assessment, support, and discussions regarding student progress.

Charter Home Study Academy  Mission Statement

Charter Home Study Academy K-8 supports and invests in families who choose to be active participants in their children’s education. Staff, students, and their families use a team approach to recognize, encourage, and develop individual potential as a limitless resource. We build foundational skills, empowering students to find solutions and adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing world. Together we educate the whole child in an inspiring and nurturing environment where students have an opportunity to flourish.

How does Charter Home Study Academy incorporate distance learning? 

Distance Learning is built into our programs through the nature of our design. Our teachers easily adapt to changing educational environments.  

How do the classes work?

Our TK - 4 classes are Tues/Thursday from 8:30 - 11:30.  Fifth-grade classes are 8:30 - 12:30. All of the science requirements are met in class while incorporating English Language Arts and Math standards. Caseload teachers and parents work collaboratively to create a dynamic hybrid home school environment for each student.

Middle School Classes (6th-8th grades) are Wed/Fri 8:30-3:25.  Each class is 70 minutes. Assignments are given in class and expected to be completed at home by the next class period. Students who attend classes are responsible to be on time, complete homework assignments promptly, and make adequate progress on assignments and tests as determined by the classroom teacher. Parent partnerships provide support on non-class days. 

How often do I come to school?

The majority of our students attend school for several hours, two days per week. All families meet with their caseload teacher on a regular basis. This meeting may take place on-site or remotely.

What kind of curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum conforms to the California State Standards.  We design each course to meet the standards and to work within the non-traditional two days per week class environment.  Teachers and parents work collaboratively to ensure that each student’s academic needs are met.  We follow the California State Content Standards and state-adopted curriculum is provided for all grade levels. Parents have the option to incorporate their own curricula into the learning process. 

Are There Any Elective Classes?

Middle school students will have elective courses built into the class schedule. After school sports programs are also available for middle school.  Students can come in for help with assignments from their classes by one of our credentialed teachers on Tuesday and Thursday through our “Think Tank”.  All K-8 students have access to Learning Lab, an art-based writing program. We also have space available for other cooperative classes on Tuesday and Thursday after 1:00pm

Can I attend Charter Home Study Academy and not participate in classes?

Yes, you can enroll in our program without taking classes. However, we have found that students are more successful with the added benefit of attending classes with peers and taught by credentialed teachers, who specialize in creating a learning environment that is engaging and productive.

What is the difference between Online School and Distance Learning?

Online school is a set of recorded lessons and tests set in a sequence for students to fulfill educational requirements.  Distance learning incorporates individualized learning with the support from highly qualified, credentialed teachers. We are not an online school, however, we do offer a limited number of online educational options through Acellus and Edgenuity. 

What happens if I don't stay on track?

Students must make adequate progress in their educational goals or they will have to enroll in a traditional seat-based classroom program. If a student does not make adequate progress, we must refer them to one of our seat-based programs or back to their school district of residence.

Do I need to have internet access at my house?

The short answer is yes, mostly.  All of our on site classes will use an online program, Google Classroom, to manage the course and Pathways to manage paperwork and grading. Middle school teachers will post assignments, readings, links, and activities to be completed at home using Google Classroom. Elementary teachers use Google Classroom to keep parents and students informed about what is happening in class and support materials for home. We will work with families with limited access to devices and WiFi connections. Many students use free WiFi access at a variety of locations including our school and other public locations. 

How does your program fit into the other programs at the Charles Brown Campus?

CHSA is one of three unique, but related programs at the same school site. Charter Home Study Academy is the only K-8 option through Charter Alternative Programs. Families have access to the school grounds including the playgrounds, sports fields and multi-purpose room.  

Charter Connections Academy serves college and career bound students in grades 9-12.  Charter University Prep serves university bound students in grades 7-12.  We have designed ourprograms with different missions in order to meet the needs of students and their career/educational goals. Many of our 8th grade students transition to Charter Connections Academy and Charter University Prep.  Their experience with hybrid learning and personalized education at Charter Home Study Academy, is a natural progression into our high school programs.