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Welcome to Charter Home Study Academy!

We offer an outstanding K-8 public school option for families wanting to home school their children and our school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  Each family works with a highly qualified teacher to support their studies at home.  Parents and students meet with their teacher on a regular basis for resources, assessment, support and discussions of student progress.  Teachers and parents work collaboratively to ensure that each student’s academic needs are met.  We follow the California State Content Standards and curriculum is provided for all grade levels.

Additionally, students can choose the option of attending classes two days per week in core subject areas with work assigned for completion on the home days.  Classes provide an opportunity for students to learn, interact, and collaborate with their peers.

Several family events and fieldtrips are held each year, providing enriching experiences while enhancing our school’s sense of community.  If you would like to schedule an individual information appointment, please contact us.

CHSA Craft Fair is Open for Business!!

Charter Home Study Academy K-8 (CHSA) students are continuing their traditional Annual Craft Faireand sales begin TODAY! 

Students have been busy creating their business plan and are now marketing their products online Etsy-style, known as CHetSAy!  Begin shopping today at chsacrafts.com through November 27. New products are still being added, so keep checking back to secure the best one-of-kind, handmade treasures.

The Craft Faire began 21 years ago as an entrepreneurial project for K-8 students. Over the years, it has evolved into a thriving marketplace of handmade wares and international cuisine that draws hundreds of patrons. The CHSA students appreciate your interest and continued support as they learn and grow in business, creativity, production, marketing, and have a lot of FUN!

Plan to PAY & PICKUP during school hours from December 7 through 15. As in the past, we only accept CASH for CHetSAy purchases.


Principal's Message and Survey May 21

Dear Charter Home Study Academy Families,

We are reaching the end of the  2019-20 school year and I know this is not what any of us expected. We have missed seeing the students on campus this last quarter; being a teacher and principal on a school campus without children is something I never expected to happen. So here we are at the end of May with the opportunity to reflect on the 2019-20 year, learn from our experiences, and plan for the 2020-21 school year.

School opening is scheduled for August 12. We are continuing to work with the El Dorado County Health Department and the El Dorado County Office of Education to ensure the safety of our students upon return.

We do have some exciting changes happening in the new school year. Traditionally our K-5 classes alternated morning and afternoon by grade.  In order to offer a consistent schedule, all classes will be held in the morning.  K-3 will be from 8:30-11:30 and 4-5 will be from 8:30-12:30. We are excited about this change because it will allow us to expand parent workshops, offer mini-class workshops or offer parent co-teaching opportunities in the afternoons.  It will also create more opportunities for cross grade-level activities. 

There will also be changes to our 6-8 program. Classes will still begin at 8:30, but after 2:45 students will have time to review and begin assignments or take part in some electives. We found that students are most successful when they have the opportunity to plan and review at the end of the day. At the end of a class, many often rush to move to the next activity.  This study time will allow students to take a second look at what needs to be done at home, to ask questions of the teachers, and to get extra support before they head home. 

Standard grading for the second semester this year has changed due to Covid crisis. We are following the guidelines established by Charter Alternative Programs and other local districts in order to document this period. Student report cards will be emailed to families at the end of the school year. The report cards will show the student’s third-quarter grades as well as a semester grade. Students in grades K-5 will continue to have grades O,S,N (Outstanding, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement) for their semester marks. Students in grades 6-8 will have A, P, NM (Excellent, Pass, No Mark) for semester marks. Students earning a No Mark did not fail the course. This indicator is to note that many struggled during this difficult period. The third quarter grade is a more accurate indicator of academic work. Teachers included comments on the grading for a more accurate picture of the grading period. If you need further clarification, please feel free to reach out.

Typically CHSA holds a Parent Round-table meeting on campus at the end of each year.  Our original plan was to offer an online meeting, but we are hearing families are a little “zoomed” out.  In the survey please indicate if you would like to have a zoom meeting or if you would like to wait until we can have an in-person meeting.   As always, you can contact me through email anytime. 

Of course Covid 19 is on all of our minds. Please take a brief survey to gather more information on how families experienced these changes and their thoughts on the coming year.
Please Take The Survey

Thank you families for making this school year a success even in difficult times.


Steve Bryant
Charter Home Study Academy



Charter Home Study Academy Is Now Enrolling Students for the 2020-21 School Year. 

Charter Home Study Academy(CHSA) is uniquely designed to serve families in a hybrid and distance learning environment. Education is all around us and is not limited to one location or time frame. This is one component of homeschooling and is a driving force in how we incorporate all modes of learning, including distance learning. Our teachers engage with students and families using a variety of tools and methods. Charter Home Study Academy teachers and classes have the ability to quickly adapt to the changing environment in education.

For more information about our program, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions.  If you are ready to enroll or would like to hear more about our program, please fill out the request form or call 530-622-6984 to schedule an appointment.  At this time, informational appointments are held through phone and zoom appointments. 



Principal's Message 4/2

Although we knew that the school facilities closure was on the horizon, it is still a shock that our year meeting face-to-face is over.  I know the teachers are grieving for the lost time of seeing the students on campus, and I’m sure many families are too.  We are doing what we can to continue with relationships online as we develop rigorous and flexible distance learning models.  Please reach out if your family needs more support in reaching this goal. 

The school is working on plans for graduation, yearbook distribution, and materials collection. We are transitioning to digital signatures for our attendance requirements and will be sending a video out with instructions soon. As we develop new plans, we will continue to post information through Parent Square.  Our teachers are diligently working to make sure all students have access to materials and the learning continues through the end of the school year. 

We love seeing all of the photos, so please continue to post on Facebook @charterhomestudyacademy. Teachers are communicating with all students through a variety of methods and will continue to do so through the end of the school year. Once again, if you have any questions or if you need support, please reach out to staff; we are happy to assist. 
Thank you,, families and staff for all that you do to make Charter Home Study Academy such a wonderful place. 

Steve Bryant

PS:  Middle Schoolers: Comment to let me know what the Friday Song should be tomorrow!

School Facilities Closure Extension

Dear Charter Program Families,

Please see the following press release that was sent out to our community last night from Dr. Manansala, our County Superintendent of Schools, and our School District Superintendents, detailing the extension of school facilities closures in El Dorado County for the remainder of the school year.  This follows guidance earlier from Governor Newsom and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond.

Though we were all hoping this would not happen, we fully acknowledge the seriousness of the emergency and the necessity of following public health guidelines to ensure the safety of students, families, and staff. Charter Principals will be following up with our families at each school and program with regard to our plans to keep improving our distance learning services for our students and families, which are continuing.

The full closure extension order press release can be read on the El Dorado Office of Education website: http://edcoe.org/

Dave Publicover, Executive Director


Wellness Coaching During the COVID-19 School Closures

Dear Charter Families,

Children and teenagers react differently to situations involving stress induced by change, and we are sensitive to the impact the current situation may be having on your student’s well being. The health and safety of our students and staff remains our ongoing priority, so we wanted you to be aware that our mental health coaching services are still available to our students during the school closure.  We have worked with our partners at Minds Moving Forward to continue these services through telephone conferences. Our health coaches will be contacting current student clients during the next week.  

If you feel your student may benefit from health coaching during this time, these free services are available on a limited, space-available basis.  Simply call or email your school office at one of the numbers below, and we will connect with you to help you complete the necessary paperwork. 
CCP: mosborne@edcoe.org (530) 295-2259
CHSA: sbryant@edcoe.org (530) 622-6984
CCA & CUPrep: cuprep@edcoe.org (530) 622-8594 

If your child needs crisis or clinical counseling, please contact a local provider such as New Morning Youth and Family Services, which is offering crisis counseling services for stress and anxiety exhibited by children and families.  To make an appointment, please call  (530) 622-5551 or email lara@newmorningyfs.org or carrie@newmorningyfs.org. If you have a mental health emergency, please contact the El Dorado County Mental Health Crisis Line at (530) 622-3345 or dial 911.

Thank you,
Dave Publicover, Executive Director


School Closure Extension

Dear Charter Program Families,

Please see the following press release that was sent out to our community earlier from Dr. Manansala, our County Superintendent of Schools, and our School District Superintendents that details the extension of school closures in El Dorado County.  The first paragraph of the letter is below: http://edcoe.org/message-to-el-dorado-county-school-closure-extension

In response to the rapidly evolving COVID‐19 circumstances and the potential impact in El Dorado County, School District Superintendents and the County Superintendent of Schools, have decided in concurrence with Dr. Nancy Williams, County Public Health Officer, to extend the closure of all public El Dorado County schools through the district’s upcoming spring break. We urge families to prepare for closures of a longer duration. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on the status of closures. Dr. Nancy Williams continues to report that while there are no current positive cases in our county, the El Dorado County Public Health Division expects to begin seeing positive cases in the coming days and weeks, which may require a continued response... (additional information in the full letter)

Thank you for your understanding, and we will continue to provide information to our families as it relates to curriculum and services as information is available.

David Publicover, Executive Director   


Resources for Online Curriculum and Instruction

Although the COVID-19 closures are not easy for anyone, especially if you have children at home, our mission remains the same: providing our families with the best educational support possible. Though there are many challenges, our staffs are working very hard on further improving our support and outreach.  This includes making steady progress in improving our online curriculum support, as well as connecting with our students on a regular basis through a variety of methods. Each of our schools is tailoring its approach to best meet the needs of its student population.

Even during this challenging situation, we can create positives together. This unprecedented event is not only an opportunity to dedicate more time with family, it is also an opportunity to share resources that many of our alternative learning and home school families and teachers use on a regular basis.  These resources will help families discover reliable distance learning experiences or expand on what many teachers have already assigned to students. For teachers, looking for new online activities, these resources will help prepare exciting and interactive distance learning lessons. 

It is important to note that this resource is not a replacement for the activities a teacher has assigned, but it is a valuable tool to help enhance learning in this new educational environment.  

Please visit our new online curriculum resource website here and know that we are adding new resources every day! The website is designed to allow our families to quickly find subject level resources at the elementary, middle school, or high school level. 

Resources for Online Curriculum and Instruction


At this time, Charter Home Study Academy campus at Charles Brown will be closed from March 16 to March 20. All school activities are cancelledAt home education will continue at this time

We know a lot of people are not only worried about COVID-19, but also about what to do with your students while school facilities are closed.  Luckily, as homeschool families, we are well prepared! Please continue with your current education assignments. We will keep all of our families updated as far as when the school campus reopens.

Our K-5 families have the tools necessary to keep calm and carry on with the curriculum and path the students are currently on.  Your caseload teachers will continue to coordinate lessons with you and answer any questions you may have.  Teachers will be able to communicate via phone or video meetings. Please work with your teacher for the best way for your family to communicate. The K-5 classroom teachers will be posting activities through Google Classroom as well and may be setting up online “hangouts” through Google for students and families. 

Middle school students are also well set up for continuing with the school year.  Students are all familiar with how to use Google Classroom and how to access assignments. Students already have all of their assignments up that are due Wednesday, March 18.  Teachers will continue to post assignments through Google Classrooms.  Teachers will also add short videos to help families navigate assignments when necessary.  Teachers will post any handout needed for assignments as well.  It will not be required to print out these pages.  If it is a worksheet that needs to be “filled out” there are a variety of ways to accomplish that.  The easiest way is to type the answers on a Google Doc and submit that through google classroom.  

Teachers are also working hard to make sure that students have access to all of their assignments.  This is a new experience for all of us, and it’s also an opportunity for a new adventure! 

Parents, there are a lot of resources being made available for families at home.  We are working on the best way to share this information.  Let’s use this time to help each other become even better home school parents and teachers. We would love to hear more about what our families are doing at home.  (My daughter and I are currently making pies for PI day (3.14)  If you are on Facebook, share your learning with our page @charterhomestudyacademy. 

As we learn more about our next steps, we will do everything we can to keep our families informed. Thank you for all that you do for our community!




"Mathquerade Ball" at CHSA!

Charter Home Study Academy’s fourth-grade core class celebrated their mastery of multiplication facts with a Multiplication “Mathquerade” Ball.  Throughout the year students have been working on using the four mathematical operations to solve problems, to practice the academic language of math, and to generate and analyze patterns.  To celebrate and demonstrate their abilities, teacher Sue Beaudette created the “Mathquerade” Mystery Ball.  Using terms in the academic language of multiplication such as factor and product, students had to determine which numbers were “invited to the ball”. 

Principal, Steve Bryant, and middle school teachers, Coral Brunet and Julie Donner made guest appearances during the ball to provide more mathematical sentences and to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. 

“The students enjoyed having the staff come in and celebrate their skills. This gives the students a new avenue to engage in the standards and to demonstrate their abilities in a fun and interactive way,” stated Sue Beaudette. The students added that they loved making the masks and were excited to show off their knowledge. 

The Mathquerade Ball is the most recent of many activities at CHSA that not only make learning fun and engaging, but also facilitate enriching social events for home school families.

Charter Home Study Academy K-8 (CHSA) program is a public school option that provides support for families choosing to educate their children at home. Parents facilitate daily lessons, enrichment activities, and correct student’s work. Parents choose from a variety of program options including half-day, twice-weekly classes in grades K-5, full-day, twice-weekly classes for grades 6-8, art-based writing labs, music programs, and skills improvement labs. Staff and parents collaborate to create an individualized academic plan for each student. For more information on the programs or to enroll a student, please call (530) 622-6984 or go to chsa.edcoe.org.

"Mathquerade" students at CHSA!


What's New?

CHSA craft faire tradition continues

On Tuesday, December 3rd, Charter Home Study Academy’s (CHSA) multipurpose room was filled with eager customers traveling from booth to booth to purchase homemade creations from student business owners. CHSA’s Craft Faire, where transitional kindergarten through eighth-grade students sell art, holiday decorations, hand-made toys, international cuisine, and more, has become an annual tradition for many in the Charter Alternative Programs community.

The event, now in its 21st year, celebrates the variety of unique artistry skills that students of CHSA have while fostering entrepreneurial proficiency.

This event is designed to allow students to experience entrepreneurialism by developing an idea for a product, creating a business plan, obtaining materials, marketing and selling their product.” said school Principal Steve Bryant, “Our goal at CHSA is to create opportunities for each student to discover a deeper understanding of self and their relationship to the world around them.“

In addition to learning how to run their business and making a little money, students also received prizes in categories such as Master Entrepreneurs, Best Marketing, Best Display and Most Innovative Products.


First place, Master Entrepreneur — Britton Chaloupka - Grade Eight

Second place, Master Entrepreneur — Evelyn Shugart - Grade Four

Third place, Master Entrepreneur — Devin Houk- Grade Four

Best Display — Riley Smith - Seventh Grade

Best Marketing — Jacob and Jarrod Berry - Grade Eight, Grade Five

Most Innovative Product — Kadence Gobble -  Grade Eight

Best Slogan — Mabel Hinds “If you want treats for your table, come see Mabel” - Grade Three

Best Logo — Lilah Hinds - Grade Six

Best Business Card - Peyton and Taylor Smith - Grade Four, Grade First

The CHSA program, which is located in El Dorado, provides significant support and resources for families who choose to homeschool their children. Students have the option to attend classes in core content areas, or do their studies entirely at home, guided by parents and supported by credentialed teachers.

More information about the Charter Home Study Academy program can be found at chsa.edcoe.org or by calling (530) 622-6298.


Messers Mining Company conducting a sale

Evelyn Shugart displaying her hand made snowman lights

Devin Houk and his cat-fishing poles


Britton Chaloupka, Master Entrepreneur winner, in her “Slime Squad” booth




July, 2019

Dear Charter Home Study Academy Families,

Welcome Back!  I hope you had a fantastic summer and are rejuvenated as we begin another school year.  Our entire staff is looking forward to an exciting year of partnership with you to provide educational excellence for your children.  In this letter, you will find important information for the start of school. 

Important Dates -     The first day of school is Tuesday, August 13th. 

The first day of the K - 5th core class is Tuesday, August 20th

The first day of the 6th - 8th core class is Wednesday, August 21st

Meet and Greet – This is our kick-off event for all students and parents on Tuesday, August 13th (please refer to the flier below). Families will meet the teachers, receive the first-week assignments for grades 6-8 classes, attend information meetings for K-5 classes, pick up class supply lists, and much more.  At the K-5 information meetings (for students attending core class) - you will hear from your student’s teacher about the year they have planned, including curriculum, activities, class expectations, and parent-teacher communication.  It is important to attend these meetings in order to receive necessary information.     Attached is the flier for the Meet and Greet.

6th – 8th First Day Classes – On the first day of core class, Wednesday, August 21st, parents and students will attend together at 8:30 a.m. in the multi-purpose room.  Students will attend the full day, until 3:25 p.m.  After visiting all of the classes together to hear from teachers about the year they have planned, including curriculum, activities, class expectations, and parent-teacher communication, parents will have a special program back in the Multi-Purpose Room until 12:30 p.m.  It is important to attend in order to receive necessary information.

School Pictures and I.D. Cards– Ultimate Exposers Photography will be here on Wednesday, August 28thand Thursday, August 29th, to take student portraits.  All students will be photographed for an I.D. card, and pictures will be available for purchase.

Class Schedule for Core Classes:

Tuesday / Thursday

  • K, 2nd, and 4th - 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
  • 1st and 3rd - 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • 5th - 11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Wednesday / Friday

  • 6th -8th  - 8:30 a.m. - 3:20 p.m. 

School Lunch Program: Lunch is available each and every day on campus from 11:20 -11:50. Students in grades K, 2, 4 and 5 can order lunch in the office by 8:30 each day and pick it up before or after class. Students in grades 6-8 will place their order each morning in the CHSA office and will be served during the school lunch period.  Students in grades 1 and 3 can still take advantage of the lunch program.  Please see office staff to work out times to pick up lunch. The menu will be posted in the office and on the website.  The Lunch / Title 1 form will be available at the Meet and Greet.


  • ParentSquare will continue to be our main avenue for communication via text and email for school-wide information and events. Please notify staff at the Meet & Greet if your personal contact information has changed.
  • Website: Please check the website often as it contains up-to-date information on school and community events. chsa.edcoe.org.
  • Social Media: As the year progresses, we hope to take a more active role on social media platforms to let other community members know what amazing families attend our programs and to showcase all that CHSA has to offer. If you are on social media, please find @charterhomestudyacademy and Like on Facebook, and Follow on Instagram.

What’s New – This year we have four new faces joining Charter Home Study Academy. As most of you know, Collette Dickerson, Paula Wohlwend, and Dianne Deitchman retired at the end of the 2018-19 school year.  We are all sad to see them go, but we are excited to hear of their next journeys.  This also gives the opportunity for new and, for some, familiar faces to join the team.  Amy Butera will join our office staff on Wednesdays and Fridays to help with the busy office times as well as lunch and break supervision.  M.C. Abajian is a former home school parent who will now be the 5th grade core teacher.  Coral Brunet is joining the team as well and will be teaching 6th grade science.  The final person joining the team is myself!  I will be the new principal for Charter Home Study Academy.  I’ve been with Charter Alternative Programs for over twenty years working primarily with High School students at Charter Connections Academy (in the building right next door).  I’m excited to work with our K-8 families and to continue to provide a nurturing and safe academic environment for our families.

We appreciate you choosing Charter Home Study Academy K-8 as your family’s educational partner!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to check in with your caseload teacher or call us at 530-622-6984.  Again, on behalf of our entire staff, welcome back and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Steve Bryant, Principal

Charter Home Study Academy K-8


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